Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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John Maxwell's bawdy but spiritually inspired comedy, "Buck Nekkid for Jesus," tells the tale of Billy Boston, the bedraggled owner of a failing gas station in Moon Mountain, MS, who is confronted by Sister Pearl, a traveling faith healer who's hell-bent on saving his soul via some VERY unorthodox methods. ADVISORY: THIS PLAY CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND SUBJECT MATTER.
The play is directed by Denise Halbach, and the cast includes Keri Grayson Horn, Richard Lawrence, Dylan Lovett, Chris Roebuck, and Jo Ann Robinson as Sister Pearl. 
Maxwell began work on "Buck Nekkid" in 1989, and while earlier versions of the script have been produced regionally, this is a newly-updated script, including a new character. 
According to Maxwell, even though the play is a comedy containing a considerable amount of mature language and subject matter, "the play has a deep religious theme. I got the idea from the characters themselves. I know that sounds strange, but I found the voices, and they dictated the plot." Maxwell hopes this production will be a launching pad for publication of this finalized version of the play.
FTW is pleased to be "returning home" to Duling Hall, as it staged its first two productions there: an original musical adaptation of "Through the Looking Glass" by FTW co-founder John Howell, and "The Lion in Winter," in 2003 at the then un-renovated Duling Attendance Center auditorium. Since that time, developers have transformed the old Jackson Public School building into a multi-purpose retail/restaurant/special events facility with a state-of-the-art performance space. 

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